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Designer Location

If any of the landmarks in this directory are not accurate or you know a store has moved or closed please contact Salvo Waydelich in-world by sending a note card with the store brand name, designer’s name and the new landmark if available and we’ll update the page.

– 0-9 –

2g by Pique Flan

– A –

Aitui by JesseAitui Petion & Kiki Miranda

Akeyo by Artoo Magneto & Akemi Yoshikawa

Alb Dream Fashion by AnaLee Balut

Alphamale by Yelmer Pfeffer

Angel Dessous by Gina Beaumont and Nando Korobase

Antebellum by Izzy Bereznyak

Aoharu by machang Pichot

Argrace by AIR Winx and Rika Oyen

Armidi by Nicole David

Aura World by Aurika Winkler

Avilion Mist by Serenity Sieyes & Malakh Giles

– B –

Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa

BALACLAVA!! by Uriah Eulenberg

BareRose by June Dion

BI Beauty Design by Ares Inshan

Bliss Couture by Amutey DeCuir

Boon by Boo Nakamura

Bryce Designs by Bryce Tully

Bukka by yano Hyun

 -C –

C.Smith by Cynthia Smit

CoCo by cocoro Lemon

Colors by Colors Alsop

– D –

dEVOL by Kaori Masala

DCS Systems by Dimentox Travanti

DD Style by Dadina Dosei

Detour by Detour Sideways

Deviant Girls by ruby69kill Moonites

Dutch Touch by Iki Ikarus

– E –

Edelweiss by Moeka Kohime

Exile by Kavar Cleanslate

– F –

FNKY! Cake by Funk Schnook

FORM by Zabitan Assia

FX – Particle Effects by Neil Protagonist

– G –

Gabriel by Takuya Jinn

Glow Studio by Anemysk Karu

Grasp by Asalt Eames

Gritty Kitty by Noam Sprocket

– H –

 HoD – Haus of Darcy by Aydan Darcy

Hoorenbeek by Ansor Hoorenbeek & Limer Fredriksson

Husky GFX by Karigan Ducatillon

– I –

Indi Designs by Jamie Holmer

– J –

Jeepers – Shoes for Men by Eponymous Trenchmouth

– K –

Kalnins by Maris Kanto

Kungler Design’s By AvaGardner Kungler

– L –

LeLutka by Minnu Palen & Thora Charron

LeeZu! by LeeZu Baxter

Loaq by Lorenz Hax

– M –

MADesign Hair by Maddox DuPont

Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle

Malibu by YamatoUchiha Yokosuka (actually retired from business)

Mandala by kikunosuke Eel

Miamai by monica Outlander

Miel by Mika Nieuport

Morgane Batista Poses Shop by Morgane Batista

Mr.Poet by hiwinyu Fazuku

Muism by Icemocolo Voom and Migi Voom

My Dream by rover Villota and dolceluna Myoo

– N –

Naith Smit Design by Naith Smit

Nardcotix by Nardya Rousselot

Naughty Designs by Lost Thereian

– O –

One Grid by choochoo Sierot

Odhinns Blades by Karlsven Skall

– P –

PoStyle by Chicco Rabeni (actually retired from business)

PXL by Hart Larsson

– Q –

– R –

Rawdolls by Lindal Janus

Redgrave by Emilia Redgrave

Robbish Design by Robert Mohegan

Rockerswear by Cash Bonetto

Role Optic by Rohal Schnyder

Rozoregalia by ROZOREGALIA Bravehe

– S –

Sartoria by traveller Bade

Schadenfreude by Allegory Malaprop

Sey by risey Arai

SF Designs by Swaffette Firefly

SG Fashion by Sasha Gopheller

Shade by Ashade Sinister

Shiki Design by Shinichi Mathy

Sole accessory by shouko Kanto

Soreal by Kwamey Pinion

Stiletto Moody by Stiletto Moody

Styles of edo by edo Tone

Surf Couture by Emma Gilmour

Sweetaholic by Asalt Eames

– T –

Tattanooga by mariomecula Porta

Terra d’Ombra by maizon Rayna

The Body Hair Shop by Vakis Oranos

The Shuriken Theory by Kalsifer Zenovka

Tiki Tattoo by Hatzfeld Runo

Torn by Monday Beam

Truth by Truth Hawks

Turka by Arda Seetan

Tukinowaguma Hair Style by KateForster Akina

– U –

Uncleweb Studio by Din Raymaker

– V –

– W –

Weird Monkey Design by Maruko Sakigake

– X –

– Y –

– Z –

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