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The Legend of Nordhaven


Today I bring you into the land where the Gods of Walhalla fight with the greatest warriors of Second Life …

This legendary land is Nordheaven, a RP land dedicated to the Myths of Northern people.

If you want to start your journey into this respectful place I suggest beforehand to take a step into the Husky land Store. Husky is one of the biggest designers dedicated to Medieval and Fantasy clothes and accessories for men and for women.

For my trip into this wild lands I chose the Telperion Strider with the matched Telperion sculpted Boots, a complete outfit to show out your warrior soul. Provided with a leather coat and a woolen cloak you that can be worn, it is also possible to choose between the long or short sleeves leather jacket.

The textures of the outfit are finely drawn and the prims are of an exceptionally high quality.

Entering such a wild land without a weapon would be a silly thing to do, so I carry with me my faithful “Jarls Axe Barrel”, a “must” weapon for RP players with the famous DCS systems. This object is forged in the ancient smithy of “Odhinns Blades” by Karlsven Skall the High Jarl and owner of Nordhaven sim.


Outfit: Telperion Strider outfit male – Husky GFX

Shoes: Telperion Sculpted Boots – Husky GFX

Weapon: Nordhaven Jarls Axe Barrel –  Odhinns Blades

Hair: Mark SB I – MADesign Hair

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