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Oriental Winds

Far East winds fondled my face calling me and I’ve been ready to reply their call with my Sweetaholic Kimono!

Sweetaholic is the brand for high quality Japanese traditional Kimono for men and women created by Asalt Eames a very talented Designer from the lands of sunrise.

The kimono is the traditional clothing of Japan. Kimono styles have changed significantly from one period of Japan’s history to another, and today there are many different types of kimono worn by men, women, and children. The cut, colour, fabric, and decorations of a kimono may vary according to the sex, age, and marital status of the wearer, the season of the year, and the occasion for which the kimono is worn.

In the today’s picture I’m wearing the Kimono n. 15. The texture of Asalt creations are really amazing and the detail of the sculpt part are excellent. In the folder you’ll find also the Zouri: the traditional sandals, similar in design to our occidental flip-flops. They are usually made of many materials, including cloth, leather, vinyl and woven grass, and can be highly decorated or very simple and included in left one is provided an ao with walk sound and specific pose.

Together with the kimono I wear a traditional Japanese sword also called Katana. Forged by Kalsifer Zenovka an old friend but also a good weapon’s creator his swords are compatibles with many meter around SL. The Symphony of the Night sword here shown is a single sword that you can also customize in different colours and style of fight.



Outfit: Sweetaholic – Kimono 15

Sword: Shuriken Theory – Symphony of the Night     by Kalsifer Zenovka

Hair: Uncleweb Studio – Serafim A

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