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Miamai Leather Jacket


Cold Winter weeks are waiting for us in Second Life streets but we are ready for that with the new amazing leather jacket from Miamai! Made with a jacked base layer is completed with a sculpted attach well detailed and with prim cuffs. Prims are modify and copy; a choice I usually prefer than the laggy scrip resize. The fur trim hood will warm you in the cold days. The jacket, here shown in black is also available in different colours: blue, green, night, pink, red, purple and rust.

Under the jacket you can see a fresh “Headphone Shirt” from Malibu design by YamatoUchiha Yokosuka sold in all layer it’s a good combination of quality/price.

Last notices for the old but always cool Dutch Touch Torned Jeans and the “Fur Trim Leather Boots”, here shown without the lower leg attach, by Grasp.

Jacket: Miamai – Light Jacket Black

Shirt: Malibu – Headphone Shirt

Pants: Dutch Touch – Jeans Torned

Shoes: Grasp – Fur Trim Leather Boots 

Hair: Colors – hair20 darkbrown

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  1. January 10, 2010 10:47 pm

    woooooooooot the first serious post:)

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