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Have you ever … Turka?

Hanging around for my usually weekly shopping I landed into the new store of Turka the brand of Arda Seetan a talented German designer.

I just liked the style of his creations so I picked up some items and here I want to show you some of them.

Very easy and elegant the Salmon sweater with white shirt is sold in all layers; the sweater texture is really lovely and the shades of the shirt neck are really well made. I’d have preferred if  the shirt and the sweater were two separated items instead that one singular item.

Together with the sweater I chose a pair of dark Jeans low raise torned on the knees. As before also for the pants texture is of a good quality even if in some part detail could be better. They are provided with good sculpted cuffs that match well with the texture and even if  the resize script is included, that as you know I really don’t like too much, they are also modify so you can adjust them manually.

I completed the outfit with some jewels from Loaq: the Crux necklace RRBV2, the Extreme bracelet RRBV4 on the right hand and my favourite, the Soul bracelet I RRBV4 on the left hand; all high detailed and provided with a blue menu script that gives you to personalize your jewels with many options.

Shirt: Turka – Combi 5 Elegant

Pants: Turka – Jeans Back A

Shoes: WMD –  Aussie Boots Black

Hair: Naughty Design – Deviance Black pearl

Necklace: Loaq Jewels – Crux necklace RRBV2

Bracelet: Loaq Jewels – Extreme bracelet RRBV4 (right) and Extreme bracelet RRBV4 (left)

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