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Downtown up!

Many news to say about today’s post!

First one is about Miamai new line. Last week monica Outlander, for the opening of her new main store, came out with some new exciting stuff for both men and women; so I suggest you to do not wait more and go visit her store, you can find the Slurl in the “Designer Location“ page. Here you can see the Cargo Pants: designed  for tough outdoor activities. They are baggier, permitting free movement. They are made of hardwearing quick-drying fabrics, with tough stitching. And they also have several additional patch pockets. Attachments are provided with script menu but they have also modify grant so you can manually fit them better to your style. Very nice at last, the open zip pants with Miamai signed underpants.

Together with the pants, I put on a sweatshirt from “My Dream”, a little store with urban stuff by rover Villota and dolceluna Myoo. At the store you can find both male and female style with some original peal. The sweatshirt  is designed with a big open zip in the front – I found it very sexy and that it suits perfectly for an outdoor working style. It also includes a sculpted collar with modify grant. Printed on the back, there is the logo of the store and I always like the designer’s logo on SL cloths. I think the creator could add two-prim cuffs to complete this article and I make up of it with the leather bracelets from Grasp.

Last notice: I want to focus your attention to the shoes, from One Grid, a furniture store! They are a quite cheap nice sneakers with a nice texture and the possibility to change the colors of the different pieces.



Sweatshirt: My Dream – Shield Pullover

Pants: Miamai – Cargo M Black

Undershirt: The Body Hair Shop – Chest Hair Ryan

Shoes: One Grid – Sneakers

Necklace: Sey  – Necklace”Dear”cross+AK47 Black

Bracelets: Grasp – Leather Bracelet (group gift)

Hair: Miamai – Meho Hair EmoBrown

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