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Daniel Skin! New at PXL

Blogging a skin is not easy but for sure it is a true honor.

Today I am glad to show you the new skin released by Hart Larsson , the owner of the brand [ PXL ].

Let’s start with the name of the skin, “Daniel”, a named used in many parts of the world: its origins go back to the Jewish history, with a spiritual meaning – “God is my judge”.

The skin line comes with five different  tones (Pale, Natural, Sunkissed, LightTan and Dark) with seven facial hair options, all with bald and hair-base option and body hair option provided by undershirt and underpants layers or tattoo for 2.x viewers.

I told seven facial hair option but as you can see on the image below there is an eight variation; this because the shaved face (Face 00) is a bonus style included in all other beard options. Included in all your purchases, you will also find a sculpted and scripted penis with an useful Hud.

The face design is clean and the eyebrow are not so wide and fit well with any shape, body muscles are well defined but not so much pronounced as some “massive body-builder skin” you see around sometimes.

(click on the images to enlarge)









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