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Blow My Speakers Up

 Few weeks ago I received the PXL male group gift called “Storm Skin”,  a very beautiful and well defined skin in cyber punk style completed with accessories. Immediately I started create my own style and today after my usual long time creation process, the post is here.

For taking the pics I decided to go in one of the best location on the grid: the Insilico sims; despite the beautiful landscape and atmosphere you can breathe in this place I have to fight a lot against lag and rezzing time but meantime I had the great luck of a very special meeting.

Click the images to enlarge



Pants: PVC Pants Black – Miamai

Spine Piercing: Digital Spinal Piercing Razor – HoD

Belly Piercing: Thrust v2 Slide – HoD

Scarf: Leopard Desert Scarf – Grasp

Belt 01: Fleur de Lis Leather Belt – Grasp

Belt 02: Studded Chain Belt – Grasp

Gloves: Storm Gloves – PXL

Bracelets: Gemma Bracelet – Rozoregalia (MHOH 4 Gift)

Face Tattoo: Obscure Face – Deviant Girl

Boots: Combat Leather Boots (v.02) – Aura

Skin: Storm Skin Male – PXL group gift

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  1. December 20, 2010 12:55 am

    Gorgeous photos! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to rez there so I went back to my studio. It was lovely to meet you though. 🙂


  1. [PXL] Storm Avatar « [ PXL ]

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