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Ascot tie at Styles of edo

Edo Tone has restyled one of his latest creation, the 2009 Black Suit, and the new addition is another elegant touch at the usual style of this brand.

The jacket and the pants are the same as we already know: always the great quality of the hand- painted texture and well detailed; the news is the shirt with a sculpted collar, the first time for edo with this king of trick and a very original tie with the also known “Ascot” style.

The quality of the collar and the tie are at the usual standard of edo creations even if probably it will take you some time to adapt the positions of the collar to your specific body shape and I think it will be a little hard to perfectly match it with the end-shirt texture; after that  more easy will be the editing of the tie also for the helpful use of the undershirt layer that you can wear under the shirt with the same texture of the tie.

The outfit is sold with different colour tie combination as you can see in the image below.

Outfit: Styles of edo – 2009 Black Suit with Ascot tie

Shoes: Redgrave – Black Leather Boots

Hair: MaDesign Hair  – Jordan Smooth Brown

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