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An Eye to the Future

Hello to all this is Salvo speaking from the year 3010!

I’m here today to alert all of you about what the future times and fashion style will bring to us, and we have to be ready for it!

In a possibly post-atomic future you won’t be able to live without your Miamai Cyber outfit. Maybe not everybody knows but Monica Outlander has made a really cool outfit line called “Miamai EX.MACHINA” dedicated to all the people who live with an eye to the future.

The outfits have detailed textures and a lot of really amazing attachments, like the mohawk hair, the goggles and the “electronic” boots with bionic legs!

Miamai also provides a special line of  next gen skins not shown here but I suggest you to hurry and try them in her store!

See you in the future by your Cyber-Salvo!

Outfit: Miamai – XForce Male

Glasses: Miamai – Descent Goggles

Boots: Miamai – Storminterceptor Boots

Hair: Miamai – RooStar Hair

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