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A day at work

I had no idea on how to name this post and I spent the whole day thinking about it, everything I could think of was that I lost a working day thinking about it, so “A day at work” means the amount of time I spent thinking how to title this post. 🙂

The idea of this style came when a friend of mine showed me the Truth’s latest release, the Sarg Henly Shirt, an easy middle arm length shirt. The texture was nice and the four button neck caught my eyes immediately, so I wanted to try it!

The shirt package includes jacket and shirt layer, I don’t know why there isn’t the undershirt layer as well, and it’s completed with  prim cuffs. About the prim I’d like to make a little remark: in my experience I always have a hard time finding well done middle arm cuffs that really fit exactly with your arm, especially with the different movements that you can do with your AO, and I often spend a lot of time searching the best position stretching and resizing, and  the prim sleeves on this shirt were no exception.

The pants are from Sartoria and as always traveller Bade provides us with a top quality garment, the plus of these jeans is the two different options included, one without and one with lower leg prim cuffs so you can adapt it to different styles, they can also be worn with the cowboy boots from Hoorenbeek as in the image.

Shirt: Truth – Sarg Henly Shirt

Pants: Sartoria – S121 Denim Pants

Shoes: Hoorenbeek – Cowboy Boots Brown

Waist shirt: COCO – Shirt tied around waist BoyishCheck

Necklace: Loaq – Multitextures Military tag necklace

Glasses: FKNY! – SuperStar Glasses Gold/Orange

Hair: Muism – Ellis shine black

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