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About us

Andrew Laguna:

Rezzed on one day in late Summer 2006, Andrew started his journey discovering every day new amazing places and meeting new people and friends; then, in late 2008, after one year of Role playing experience where he increased his technical knowledge about the viewer and the grid, he started approaching the SL fashion world as a model.
Few months later  he was a professional runway and print model listed in several Agencies; this experience gave him the opportunity to refine his fashion taste, to meet and  work with some of the best known designers of Second Life.
While working in many shows fighting with lag, he had the idea of creating a blog where showing the designers creations in a quieter and low lag way, so in January 2010 the idea came true with the opening, with his best friends, of the “Keep an Eye on” blog.

He stopped his collaboration with the bolg on January 10th 2011


Salvo Waydelich:

Salvo rezzed into Second Life on April 24th, 2007 and as his real life interest he started to follow Second Life Soccer League and Fashion – but if soccer was for Salvo an hobby to relax and have fun with his SL friends, in Fashion he soon became a pinnacle of the SL Modeling industry.
Salvo Waydelich boasts a profile containing a plethora of experience. He is hired by some of Second Life’s most elite modelling agencies; Avenue, Modavia, Glance, to name a few as well as maintaining part of the ownership in SW&MB Productions alongside with his beloved wife, Mimmi Boa.
Undoubtedly, Salvo is one of the most successful male models in the SL modelling industry and keeps on inspiring not only upcoming male models but also those who have found their place within in the industry.
In the continue way to improve himself as model and fashion guide he started also to post on the “Keep an Eye on” blog.

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