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Tribute to Devol

July 5, 2010
Last week I decided to go to my favorite tattoo shop to get some new items and see news creations, but sadly I landed into another shop…  I tought it was odd, so I decided to tp there again and again: I did it like 3 o 4 times… then I realised that my favourite Tattoo shop wasn’t there anymore there and, damn, after some informations I got, I found out it closed down…..the designer had to leave SL. So I decided to give my tribute to Devol to show you some of their past creations. Hoping I can recover soon from this total shock, will see you at the next outfit.









photo n.1 : Mahaasukha Tattoo 

photo n.2 : Asian Tribal Sun Tattoo(torso/arms)—-Celtic Code Tattoo(leg) 

photo n.3: Pink Dragon Tattoo 


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  1. July 6, 2010 12:57 am

    Salvo BEHAVE

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